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AA 07/10/19: Syrian Turkmens support Turkish operation in N.Syria

Syrian Turkmens ready to assist Turkish military operation, head of Syrian Turkmen Assembly says.


Syrian Turkmens are ready to assist Turkey in its possible military operation in Syria's north, head of the Syrian Turkmen Assembly (STA) said on Monday.

Speaking in Turkey's Gaziantep University, Mohamed Wajih Juma expressed hope that Turkey would lead them for the operations east of Euphrates and Raqqa.

He added that Syria has never witnessed a humanitarian crisis of this magnitude before.

"There is a dictator that uses chemical weapons on innocent people. No regard for any human rights," he added.

Also touching upon the cultural destruction in the region, Juma said the Syrian regime and terrorist organizations destroyed many historical monuments in the country, which had "significance" for humanity.

"Many historical memorials, which prove our existence in Syria, have been destroyed. Everything related to Ottoman and Seljuk architecture was destroyed," he said.

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