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AA 05/05/21: 5 more Turkish-made minesweepers delivered to Azerbaijan

Number of mechanical mine-clearing equipment sent to Azerbaijan rises to 7, says Turkish National Defense Ministry.

Five more Turkish-made mine-clearing equipment have been delivered to Azerbaijan, the Turkish National Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

In a Twitter post, the ministry said: “The export continues to Azerbaijan of MEMATT [Mechanical Mine-Clearing Equipment], a remote-controlled mine-clearing vehicle produced by ASFAT, an affiliate of our ministry.”

With the latest batch, the total number of MEMATT minesweepers delivered to Azerbaijan rose to seven.

After arrival of the first batch in February this year, the minesweepers passed all required tests in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani officials said that they will use minesweepers in the territories Azerbaijani army recently liberated from the occupation of Armenian forces.

The MEMATT, a top-notch unmanned mine-clearing equipment, achieved over a 95% success rate in mine tests conducted in Turkey, according to an ASFAT expert, Yasin Arslan.

It has high resistance to explosions, and it is faster, reliable and minimizes loss of life.

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