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AA 04/10/13: Turkish defense exports exceed 1 billion USD

Turkey has begun exporting one-third of its defense products and targets continued growth.

ANKARA (AA) - Turkey's defense industry exports have exceeded 1 billion USD by increasing 43 percent, Turkey's Defense and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association (SSI) said.

"Our exports figure, which were at the level of USD 600 million in 2008 has reached USD 1.3 billion today. With this strength and morale, we have set our 2013 exports target at USD 1.5 billion and our growth rate at 25 percent," Chairman Latif Aral Alis said in his interview with Anadolu Agency (AA).

Evaluating the latest developments, Alis emphasized, "we export one-third of our sector production."

As of the end of June, Turkey's main export items are parts for turbojets, tanks and armoured combat vehicles, civil aviation aircraft, as well as various arms.

Alis noted the government, specifically the Economy and Defense ministries, would continue supporting the sector.

"The recent view is quite pleasing and hopeful. We've now become a country which produces its own helicopters and vessels."

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