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AA 02/6/21: Turkish alumni drill 54 water wells in Pakistan

PAMDER was founded by Turkish students studying in Pakistan.


An association of Turkish alumni from Pakistani universities has led an initiative to provide clean water to those in need in Pakistan's northeastern province of Punjab.

The Pakistan Alumni and Members Association (PAMDER) drilled 54 water wells in the Muzaffargarh district, located some 380 kilometers (236 miles) from Lahore.

The association was founded by Turkish students studying in Pakistan after a devastating earthquake shook the country's north in 2005.

Abdul Majid Khan from Kaccisedu village expressed his satisfaction over the drilling of the water well. “We thank you very much for the water well. The children were very happy.”

Khan said that there were 400 to 500 households in the village that will benefit from the well.

"Turks have drilled a water well for us. We need more water wells in these regions," said Ahmet Safi, another resident of the village.

Haq Nawaz from another village, Kukazivala, stated that they needed water well. "The Turks built the water well and our needs were met. The Turks made us very happy. Thank you very much."

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