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AA 01/04/20: Turkey: Aselsan introduces recognition system for F-16s

Turkish defense giant's system will enable Turkish Air Forces to identify friend or foe elements.


The Turkish defense giant Aselsan introduced a recognition system to the Turkish Air Forces, enabling fast and accurate identification of friend or foe (IFF) platforms through a query and response method.

The Presidency of Defense Industries and Aselsan signed a contract in 2018 to meet the needs of air and navy commands, and for development of systems of IFF Mode 5/S transponder (transmitter-responder), short-medium range interrogator, long-range interrogator, combined interrogator-transponder systems, and also for their mass production, and combination with other platforms.

As part of the agreement, integration of Aselsan's IFF Mode 5/S transponder devices to the F-16 Block 30-TM aircraft in the Turkish Air Force Command inventory has started.

Design activities of the device have been completed and the serial production has started. Also, integration activities on the prototype aircraft have been completed and the first flight test has been carried out successfully.

Aselsan is active in military and civil telecommunications, as well as radar, electronic warfare, defense, weapons, command control and navigation systems.

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