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4-in-1 Hydroponic Farm

This state-of-the-art Hybrid Container Farm, a versatile and efficient agriculture solution designed to revolutionize the way you grow your produce. This innovative farming system allows you to cultivate a wide range of crops, including traditional leafy greens, herbs, microgreens, and the highly valued saffron, using both deep water culture (DWC) and nutrient film technique (NFT) as well as horticultural trays.

Dual Hydroponic Systems: Our Hybrid Container Farm is equipped with two distinct hydroponic systems – deep water culture (DWC) and nutrient film technique (NFT) – to provide the most suitable growing environment for each type of produce.


Electrical Requirments

Standard supply is a 200amp single phase panel, but a 3-phase panel can be ordered if needed to accommodate specific site requirements.

Water Requirments

This versatile container farm solution is designed with a std 3/4" hose connection at the rear of container, providing you with a plug-and-play option to set up and connect to your water source. This means that you can start farming immediately, without the need for extensive installation or setup. The hose connection also allows for easy access to water, making it a convenient and efficient solution for urban and hyper-local farming. With a 250 liter water storage tank included in the main lobby, you can operate this farm in conditions where a permanent water source is not available.


36,000 - 60,000 BTU/hr

Number of Lights

(5) 4' Vaportight LED's


R15 to R20


600 Pint Inline

Grow Light Wattage


Fertigation Controller

TrolMaster Aqua X Pro

Hybrid Fertigation


Growing Methodology


 Electrical Power

200 AMP Single Phase of Three Phase


Regulator W/ Distribution Hose And Diffuser

Enviromental Control

TrolMaster Hydro X Pro


Basic Security

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