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29/10/21: The US Navy has started using MANTAS T-12 unmanned surface vehicles in the Persian Gulf

TSAMTO, October 28. According to a video published by the US Navy Central Command (NAVCENT), MANTAS T-12 unmanned surface vehicles under the control of American operators have begun patrolling the waters of the Persian Gulf.

As reported by portable Tactical autonomous systems (Man-Portable Tactical Autonomous Systems – MANTAS) T-series are multi-purpose unmanned surface vessels (Unmanned Surface Vessels – USV) of a new generation developed by Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTEC). As stated, they are designed to perform combat missions of the US Navy around the world.

The MANTAS T-12 series has advanced capabilities compared to its predecessors. The device is designed to perform information gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) tasks for the Navy.

The length of the MANTAS T-12 is 361 cm, width - 91.5 cm, height - 36 cm, draft - 18 cm, maximum weight - 95 kg. The device can carry up to 63.5 kg of payload.

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