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29/09/21: Take A Calming Ride Around The Bay On A Hydrobike For A Memorable Day In Southern Californ

If you live in Southern California, it’s likely that being near the water is second nature to you. After all, there are just SO many ways to enjoy time on the SoCal coast! Boating, kayaking, swimming, paddleboarding – you name it and we got it. One company in San Diego is highlighting a unique source of aquatic fun via hydrobike. A hydrobike is exactly what it sounds like – a bike you pedal on the water – and it may just become your new favorite activity.

A small company with a passion for aquatic adventures, Hydrobikes SD is bringing a new source of fun to San Diego's Mission Bay. If you've never ridden a hydrobike before, you'll want to add it to your bucket list ASAP.

What exactly is a hydrobike, you ask? It's a dry, safe, and fun way to enjoy time on the water. Hydrobikes are unsinkable and un-tippable. This means that they're super easy to ride and suitable for all types of people.

Hydrobikes are great for a leisurely ride on the water. They cruise at about five miles per hour with top speeds of ten miles per hour. All ages can enjoy this unique activity - as long as your legs can reach the pedals - and many people comment that they're actually easier than riding a regular bike. They even have a handy console where you can store snacks, beverages, and other personal belongings.

Renting a bike from Hydrobikes SD is extremely simple. Walk-ins are always welcome at their location at Aqua Adventures on Mission Bay, or you can reserve a bike through their website. Both single and tandem hydrobikes are available to rent.

Riding a hydrobike is so easy that you can put all of your attention towards enjoying the bay's amazing scenery. After just a few minutes of riding, you're bound to spot some of the bay's vibrant sea life like sea lions, seals, cormorants, and pelicans.

Great for families with kids, date nights with a loved one, or enjoying by yourself, it's always a great day to ride around the bay! Young children who can't reach the pedals can ride free with a parent. Dogs are welcome to ride along, too - they'll even supply a life vest for your furry friends.

After riding around Mission Bay on one of these hydrobikes, you may just find it's your preferred aquatic activity. Learn more about Hydrobikes SD and reserve your bike by visiting their website.

Have you pedaled around the water on a hydrobike before? We’re so lucky that there are endless ways to enjoy the Southern California coast.

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