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29/08/19: Kevin Hart Takes A Terrifying Ride In An Off-Road ATV In New Episode Of ‘Jay Leno’s Garage

Off-roading is definitely not for the faint of Hart.

More Information:

In a new episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage”, which aired Wednesday night, the former late-night host took comedian Kevin Hart out in a SHERP ATV for some off-road driving fun and terror.

“They’re much bigger than me,” Hart remarked upon seeing the giant tires of the vehicle.

Once they were in the ATV, Leno gave Hart a taste of some real extreme driving: going over hills, streams, and even rocks.

“They trying to kill me,” Hart exclaimed during the ride. “We definitely just almost died.“

At one point a producer even cut in, telling Leno, “You cannot kill Kevin Hart.”

Next, it was Hart’s turn at the steering wheel, and after a while he actually managed to (somewhat) get the hang of things.

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