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29/07/21: The Atlas ATV - Your Purpose-Built Runabout With Dacia Duster Power

Built in Ukraine, the ATV looks like it can handle any kind of terrain, but you'd be surprised as to what powers this beast.

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Nostradamus had predicted that the world would come to an end in 2012. Hollywood even gave us a blockbuster “2012” and everything, and here you are, reading this. Regardless, say an Apocalypse does come, would your Defenders,Wranglers, and G Wagon’s cut the mustard?

if SHTF, you’ll need something extreme to get around to deal with all the chaos. As a result, Atlas from Ukraine thinks they have developed just the vehicle for such a scenario. It’s quite simply called the ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle, because that's exactly what it is, just by the way it looks. It appears to be a Unimog on Steroids. The Atlas ATV is unlike any other vehicle because as lethal and extreme it as it might look, its designers claim that it does not require special skills to operate and that a standard driver's license will suffice.

You’d be surprised as to what powers this beast. If you thought it was some kind of growling V-8. You’re so wrong. It is in fact a humble Renault 1.5 liter Diesel that powers everything from the Dacia Duster to the Nissan Qashqai. Although, Atlas claims that this engine requires less maintenance, which would come in handy when you have no spares in a post-apocalyptic world.Atlas claims a range of 500 miles with a 60-mile reserve on a full tank of gas. Although some kind of Solar or Nuclear power would be ideal in an apocalypse. Where will you get your gas from?

The Atlas ATV has a pneumatic suspension, a reversible seat belt, a ground guard that can extend up to 23 inches, and a differential lock for tackling extreme terrain. On the road, the ATV can hit speeds of up to 38 mph, while in the water, it can only reach speeds of just under 5 mph. It weighs in at 4850 pounds and has seating for 12, which is ideal for getting people out of hostile situations. Given the size of the wheels and the clearance, it is unlikely that you’re gonna see this beast in the city. The price of the ATV is yet to be announced by the manufacturer, however, it looks like there’s a lot you can do in terms of customizing the vehicle. We can’t to see what else the ATV can do. Watch this space.

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