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28/03/18: Gold Coast boat hire welcomes ‘hydro bikes’

THE Gold Coast’s latest biking craze is a little, erm, different. So get ready to combine your love of biking with one of the Gold Coast’s best places to swim.

GOLD Coasters don’t have to stick to the roads and pathways when they go for a bike ride over the Easter holidays — they can now pedal their way around on the water.

“Hydro bikes’’ work just like a regular bicycle, but there’s a major difference. Instead of two wheels, they have two pontoons to carry riders over the waves.

Available at Currumbin’s GC Watercraft Hire, the hydro bikes are part of a new direction in life for Sean Fitzgerald, 53, following a cancer scare.

Following the diagnosis, Mr Fitzgerald decided he needed a change of scenery.

And what better place than Currumbin Creek?

He now boasts his hire business is the only place on the Gold Coast offering the new craft.

“I’d done earth moving for about 30 years so I wanted to do something different,” Mr Fitzgerald said.

“It changed my way of looking at life. Instead of sitting on machines all week I started doing this.”

Business has been steadily booming since then, catering to anything people might want from a day at the beach.

“Parents want to go for a sightseeing tour on the boats, couples want a go on the double bikes, things like that,” he said.

Taking the water bike for a spin, German tourist Line Huebner said she thought the machines were a challenge, but worth it.

“I think it’s wonderful. It’s a great thing for exercise,” Ms Huebner said.

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