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26/05/23: Ukraine's Defence Minister test-drives Ukrainian-made all-terrain vehicle

… and promises to order more for country's army.

More Information:

Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine's Defence Minister, has test-driven a Ukrainian-made Bohun all-terrain vehicle and said several such vehicles were deployed at the front.

Quote: Reznikov on Facebook

Quote: "I have said before that it is always a pleasure to try out the vehicles that go to the frontline, and when it comes to Ukrainian-made ones, it is a pleasure! The Danes would say hygge [a word in Danish and Norwegian that describes a mood of cosiness and "comfortable conviviality" with feelings of wellness and contentment].

I have recently tried out the Ukrainian-made Oplot tank, which we plan to order for our army.

This time, we deal with the Ukrainian-made all-terrain vehicle Bohun.

I am delighted! This is a high-class vehicle. And I am not speaking as the defence minister but as an active participant in the Ukrainian trophy raid championships [off-road racing].

Two of these vehicles are already in service in different units. For example, a convertible Bohun was made especially for airborne and assault troops, with the cab removed. Instead, the seats for personnel were equipped, making it an airborne vehicle.

Other units are currently field-testing the vehicles and mounting various weapons for use in the war effort. There is even a version of a medical evacuator. Moreover, there are already requests from individual commanders."

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