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24/07/23: Hybrid ISR Drone from Robotican set to Launch in Scandinavia

Chosen from a pool of competitors, the Rooster will be distributed through a collaboration with communication company Northcom.

Robotican's hybrid drone system, the Rooster, is set to make its mark in Scandinavia through a collaboration with communication company Northcom. Chosen from a pool of competitors, the Rooster will be showcased at the upcoming Danish Ministry of Defense and drone exhibitions in August.

Glenn Møller, Strategic Account Director Defence at Northcom, expressed excitement about the new addition to their portfolio:

"We are proud to extend our portfolio yet again. This time with an exciting new drone solution for indoor operations. Robotican has extensive experience and knowledge within robots and drones."

The Rooster is a revolutionary, safe, and easy-to-operate hybrid system designed for indoor and underground unmanned reconnaissance missions. Combining ground robotics and drone capabilities, the Rooster offers a rapidly deployable platform with long-endurance capabilities, ideal for supporting indoor missions. Its mesh communication feature enhances effectiveness in underground and communication-denied areas.

The drone is designed to meet the diverse requirements of modern militaries, special forces, first responders, homeland security forces, and commercial inspection users. Its flexible cage allows it to roll over all types of terrain and fly over obstacles like staircases, furniture, or through windows, while also protecting the drone from in-flight collisions with structural obstacles.

Hagai Balshai, Robotican's CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership and the impact it will have in Scandinavia:

"The partnership aims to provide Denmark and Scandinavia with our revolutionary indoor drone that is already in use worldwide. We look forward to witnessing the evolving impact of this collaboration as the Rooster drone sets a new standard for ISR capabilities in Scandinavia."

Robotican is a leading developer and manufacturer of autonomous robotics and drones catering to challenging operational needs since 2013. The partnership with Northcom is expected to expand the reach and impact of the Rooster drone in the Scandinavian region.

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