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24/04/23: Ukrainian manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles Sherp to open plant in Turkey

All-terrain vehicle manufacturer Sherp choses industrial Bursa province for production of multi-purpose off-road vehicle YETX.

More information:

Sherp, an all-terrain vehicle manufacturer with production facilities in Ukraine, is producing its YEXT model, which is used in difficult terrains across the world, in northwestern Türkiye.

The company, which decided to manufacture its vehicles in Türkiye eight months ago, completed the necessary work at its plant in the industrial province of Bursa.

The plant is planned to be officially inaugurated on April 26 and the mass production of YETX will begin in May.

Designed for difficult terrain conditions, YETX, which measures 2.8 meters (9 feet) in height, 4 meters (13 feet) in length, and 2.5 meters (8 feet) in width, can easily overcome obstacles up to 1 meter and be used on slopes up to 35 degrees.

The vehicle, which can be used in search and rescue operations, forest fire response, and ambulance services in areas and water that normal vehicles cannot reach, is also preferred by mining, energy, and humanitarian aid organizations.

Erman Ersoz, general manager of Orso Off-Road Solutions, the company's branch in Bursa, told Anadolu that the all-terrain vehicle has an engineering history of more than 10 years and has been produced in Kyiv since 2015.

The off-road vehicle is used in countries with difficult climates and terrain, especially in North America, Africa, and the Arctic, he said.

Ersoz further said: "We will also launch a second line project here next year. There are three large automotive factories in Bursa. The Togg factory has also been opened recently."

He said the company trusts the industry of Türkiye and in particular Bursa.

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