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24/02/22: Kanye West Runs a Fleet of Sherp UTVs

Hip-hop mogul tends his Wyoming ranches with a fleet of Ukrainian utes.

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The Super Bowl has long since been and gone, and as with every broadcast of the big game, the memories of the commercials has so far outlasted memories of the Rams beating the Bengals. One stuck in our heads in particular, a McDonald’s spot that showed rap billionaire Kanye West popping the hatch on a Sherp N 1200 to grab a meal from the drive-thru.

Now, Kanye is known to show up here and there in the odd ridiculous vehicle, but this begged for further investigation.

Kanye apparently runs a fleet of the Ukrainian-built ATV-tank-UTV-things on his pair of Wyoming ranches, relying on them to get around the remote tracts. We can’t think of a better tool for that task, as Sherps are known for their ability to go just about anywhere. With a Kubota diesel engine twisting a five-speed manual and tires the size of a small moon, you can go over or through just about whatever you want.

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