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23/04/22: Video: MARTAC Mantas And Devil Ray USVs

Bruce Hanson, CEO of MARTAC, gives us an update on their unmanned surface vessel (USV) programs during Sea Air Space 2022.

Both the MANTAS and Devil Ray recently took part in the largest unmanned systems exercise in the world called IMX.

The MANTAS USV enables the coverage of open ocean and littoral waterways with extended on-station persistence capability. Martac’s product line of MANTAS unmanned vessels can range from 6′ (2m) to 50′ (15.24m) and is capable of extreme high surface speeds. The patented catamaran hull is suitable for surface, subsurface and unaided air drop operations.

The Devil Ray is a UxV nesting platform capable of extreme and complex missions in a single sortie. They range from 24 to 50 ft in length and are capable of reaching a maximum speed of 80 knots.

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