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23/02/22: Sioux Falls hunters rescued after truck stranded in Black Hills during sub-zero weather

Two hunters from the Sioux Falls area were rescued Tuesday night in the Black Hills after their truck became stranded in sub-zero weather, according to a press release by the Pennington County Sheriff's Office.

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The men had been hunting when their 1968 Ford pickup became stuck in six to eight inches of snow. They reported being stuck in the snow on Six Mile Road, located off Ditch Creek Road, and requested help around 4 p.m., according to the release.

A Pennington County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched and also got stuck trying to reach the men. Pennington County Search and Rescue were requested due to the temperature and snowy conditions.

The Deputy followed the hunter’s vehicle tracks on foot and eventually reached them at about 8 p.m. A SHERP and Snow Cat were needed to extract and transport the men to receive medical treatment, according to the release.

The men, aged 80 and 74, suffered hypothermia and frostbite and were transported to Monument Hospital. They are expected to survive after spending several hours stranded in extreme temperatures that dipped to 22-below zero, according to the release.

“The actions of our Deputies and the Pennington County Search and Rescue saved the lives of these gentlemen, as the temperatures were expected to dip even further as the night progressed. Our advice is anytime you plan on enjoying the beautiful Black Hills, have a plan you share with others and ensure you pack the supplies needed to get you through the unexpected. Heed the warnings of the National Weather Service and take them seriously,” said Lieutenant Chris Hislip, of the PCSO in the release.

There were no injuries to responding personnel.

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