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21/08/22: Off grid with all modern luxuries

When we think of the homes of the future, we often think of steep, stylish and contemporary designs that are connected and customisable but yet leave enough room for privacy.

This high spec modular design – The Space, by Stockholm-based IO House – is a smart-home that offers just that.

As time goes by and urbanisation is one of the key words of today’s society, more and more of us want to live off grid yet have all the luxuries that are accessible within a big cosmopolitan metropole.

This prefabricated home has finally achieved this balance, offering all the comforts off-grid.

It doesn’t matter if you want to live on a mountain side or by a beautiful lake, in the forest or by the sea, this home can be moved wherever you wish, says Mario Ojalo, CEO of IO House.

"We have aimed to maximise comfort and privacy at the same time.

"At IO House we know how important it is to spend time with yourself, your loved ones and switch off from everyday troubles – hence, we wanted to create a home where everyone could just relax and enjoy the view."

"All utilities like water, electricity, heating & WiFi are already integrated and there is a built-in security system complete with cameras and digital network security," he says.

Furthermore, the home is entirely controllable by your smartphone or tablet, bringing modern technology and sustainable living together flawlessly.

The interior is constructed from a contemporary mix of wood, metal, glass while coming complete with kitchen and living room furniture, bedroom furnishings, and bathroom fittings.

Simplicity and tranquility were the focus of the design, which was crafted from completely organic, non-synthetic materials.

But of course, as emphasised by the CEO, nothing is impossible and whatever the customer wishes to have, they will achieve.

"We like to think of it as a luxurious yacht that you can permanently live in and take anywhere you like – complete flexibility with all the comfort," said Ojalo.

"This tiny home is ideal for permanent living and excellent for a summer house – let the relaxing begin!"

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