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20/10/21: US Navy uses Manta T-12 Unmanned Surface Vessels in Persian Gulf

According to a video published by the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command on October 22, 2021, MANTAS T-12 unmanned surface vessels operating in the Arabian Gulf alongside U.S. Navy crewed assets.

More information:

The Man-Portable Tactical Autonomous Systems (MANTAS) T-series of next-generation multi-role unmanned surface vessels (USVs) is developed by Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTEC). It is designed to serve the warfare mission requirements of navies across the globe.

The MANTAS T-12 possesses advanced capabilities compared to its predecessors. It is intended to serve the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions of the naval forces.

The USV measures 361cm (142in) long, 91.5cm (36in) wide and 36cm (14in) high. It has a draft of 18cm (7in), a maximum craft weight of 95kg (210lb), and can carry up to 63.5kg (140lb) of payload.

The latest USV in the T-series, MANTAS T12, was launched in January 2018 at the Surface Navy Association’s (SNA) 2018 National Symposium held in Washington DC, US.

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