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20/03/23: Meet the H1-Panther, a Hummer that transforms from boat to truck in seconds

The H1-Panther is a Hummer Boat you can drive to the Marina and keep on driving into the water, the only issue is it costs more than a brand-new Ferrari.

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This means you can drive it across the desert, all the way to the marina, and keep on ‘driving’ into the water.

It was created by WaterCar, a company that specializes in amphibious vehicles, and it’s actually based on the original HUMVEE.

Even though GM eventually decided to make the Hummer H1, the street legal version, the first HUMVEE was designed for the US Army.

This makes the HUMVEE an ideal base for a boat because the HUMVEE is basically water-ready when it leaves the factory.

It’s fitted with chunky off-road tires, waterproof interior and a snorkel, and it has a ground clearance of 10 inches.

As standard, the HUMVEE is equipped with a big, meaty diesel but WaterCar decided to replace it with a Chevy-sourced V8 to give it more power and more torque.

Thanks to the new engine, the H1-Panther can reach 130 km/h on land and 35 knots (64 km/h) on water.

The range, according to the company, is 380 miles (611 km) on the road and 96 miles (155 km) on water.

Hummer fans will recognize the spartan, plasticky interior but WaterCar made a few changes to make it more minimalistic and tidy.

Several buttons and dials were removed and both the center console and dashboard were repainted and polished.

The company also ditched the cheap fabric upholstery and replaced it with supple waterproof vinyl.

And lastly, the rear section of the truck was polished to make it look and feel like a yacht deck.

WaterCar has built several versions of the H1-Panther, including one that’s actually based on the Hummer H2.

This one just fits the bill, though.

Speaking of fitting the bill, you need to be fit to avoid the inevitable seizure when you see the bill: it’s $465,000.

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