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20/03/20: Insane off-road Sherp arrives down under

Unstoppable Sherp ATV now available from Queensland’s Patriot Campers.

More Information:

Queensland’s Patriot Campers has launched its most extreme off-road model to date, the imported Sherp ATV.

Described as the “ultimate ATV (all terrain vehicle)', the Ukraine-built Sherp is being distributed in Australian and New Zealand by Patriot, which is already renowned for offering some of Australia’s most extreme off-roaders including its X Series campers.

Part tractor, part amphibious ATV, the 1300kg Sherp is dominated by four massive 63in tyres that feature rubber ‘paddles’ able to propel the buoyant aluminium cabin through water at speeds up to 6km/h.

Running an agricultural-style chain drive skid steer drivetrain, and 44hp 1.5-litre Kubota turbo-diesel engine with five-speed manual transmission, the 2.5m wide by 3.4m long by 2.5m high Sherp is capable of land speeds up to 45km/h.

With around 300 litre diesel fuel capacity (59 litre main tank and 58 auxiliary tanks in each wheel), the Sherp can run for up to 100 hours before running out of fuel.

Other unique features like self-inflating tyres that can run as low as 1psi, ‘free air circulating suspension’, a flat bottom hot dipped galvanised Docal steel chassis, Raptor-coated aluminium body and 600mm ground clearance, make the short wheelbase Sherp capable of traversing 35 degree slopes and climbing over obstacles up to 1.8m high.

The Sherp is 'environmentally friendly' too, delivering a minimal ground impact reputedly equivalent to a human footprint, so it shouldn't leave a muddy mess like a tyre spinning, jacked-up modified 4WD...

Aussie spec vehicles will also come standard with roll-over protection bars and be able to tow an optional Sherp amphibious cargo trailer weighing up to 1000kg.

A lift-up front windscreen and sunroof provide good ventilation and views from the two front seats, with a military-style set-up in the back including two storage benches that can seat an additional four passengers and sleep up to four.

“There are not many places that this thing thing won’t go,” says Patriot Campers’ boss Justin Montesalvo in the promotional video.

While Patriot sees a small market for the Sherp among cashed-up recreational adventurers, the bulk of Australian sales are expected to come from the commercial, mining and emergency sectors, including organisations involved in disaster relief.

Pricing starts from $199,000, see the Sherp Australia website for more.

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