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18/07/23: Modified drone interceptor to assist first responders in emergencies

Originally designed as a rogue drone interceptor, the Robotican Goshawk observation aircraft is gearing up for a fresh inning with police, ambulance, and fire services in Israel. A modified version of the drone will soon be seen as a first responder, assessing situations with its camera before the arrival of ground teams.

As is the case with first responder drones worldwide, Goshawk will help emergency crews to be better prepared for immediate action. For instance, the drone could help first responders decide how to best put out a fire, or what medical care is needed. In the case of crime scenes, the drone will make sure to establish its presence, which could potentially deter criminal behavior and prevent damage to property and harm to officers.

What makes Goshawk suitable for this role is that it is capable of launching in less than 10 seconds and can reach speeds of 110 km/hr to arrive on the scene extremely rapidly. Moreover, the aircraft is equipped with a high-quality camera and an accurate targeting system.

But what is especially noteworthy about the Robotican solution is that it is being integrated with an uncrewed traffic management (UTM) system that will provide Goshawks with flight plan approvals and adjustments, real-time flight monitoring, and in-flight conflict warnings.

At the same time, this UTM will also help to prioritize first-responder drones over other drones, in the same way that first-response road units receive the right of way of the road. This UTM service is being provided by aviation tech company High Lander, and test flights conducted recently have proven successful.

As Alon Abelson, CEO of High Lander, puts it, “First response drones are saving lives worldwide every day… The Goshawk’s impressive capabilities, working in conjunction with the airspace coverage provided by Universal UTM, will greatly enhance our public safety services without causing any conflicts with existing airspace traffic.”

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