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18/02/19: Police use Sherp ATV to rescue stranded snowmobilers near Coniston

Two snowmobilers are safe after being rescued with the help of a Sherp all-terrain vehicle.

More Information:

It was a coordinated effort between Sudbury Police and EMS to get to the stranded snowmobilers Sunday night.

Their vehicles had become stuck on an unnamed lake five kilometres west of Coniston.

According to Sudbury Police, the Sherp all terrain vehicle was loaned to them by local company, RufDiamond, so rescuers could reach the duo.

The Sherp is an amphibious multi-role utility all terrain vehicle which has large tires and can go places where other utility vehicles can't.

Sudbury Police say this is just the second time they've used the equipment for a call.

Both snowmobilers were checked out by paramedics and cleared.

Police are reminding snowmobilers that they should be prepared in case of emergency due to slush and deep snow conditions on local trails.

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