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16/05/22: Royal Australian Navy commences Exercise Autonomous Warrior 2022

The two-week exercise, which will test new technologies, will conclude on 27 May.

Around 300 personnel from the UK, Australia and the US have commenced the Royal Australian Navy (RAN)-led maritime exercise, Autonomous Warrior 2022 (AW22).

AW22 will be conducted at RAN’s establishment HMAS Creswell in the waters of Jervis Bay, Australia and in the nearby East Australian exercise area.

The exercise aims to test various robotic, uncrewed and autonomous systems to meet the requirements of future maritime security threats.

During the two-week exercise, nearly 40 organisations from across the three countries will evaluate around 40 new technologies and systems in a series of tests.

The planned simulations or tests will involve operations in all the domains, including air, littoral, maritime and land.

The tests will validate various capabilities of the participating autonomous vessels, vehicles and aircraft.

The capabilities include undersea warfare, intelligence gathering, mine countermeasures, force protection, survey, surveillance, reconnaissance, interoperability and interchangeability.

Furthermore, AW22 will also evaluate the command and control (C2) technologies.

RAN Warfare Innovation director general commodore Darron Kavanagh said: “AW22 is an exciting opportunity to showcase the utility and advantages of uncrewed systems in a variety of warfare domains in collaboration with our allies, partners and industry.

“It demonstrates our commitment to ongoing collaboration, transformation and adaptation to meet strategic requirements.

“Throughout the exercise, we will be mindful of the importance of protecting the safety, environment and heritage values of the Jervis Bay area.”

The exercise will also improve collaboration between Australia’s industry and forces with its counterparts from allied and partner nations, to develop, demonstrate and acquire robotic, uncrewed and autonomous capabilities.

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