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16/02/23: The Sherp N 1200: A Remarkable Ukrainian 4×4 That Can Swim

The Sherp N 1200 is undoubtedly the most unusual, and one of the most capable, all-terrain vehicles currently being manufactured anywhere in the world. It’s 100% amphibious, using its large paddle-like tires to cross bodies of water, and it uses a skid steering system like a tank.

More Information:

The capabilities of the Sherp N 1200 are made all the more remarkable by the fact that the company is based in Kyiv, Ukraine and has managed to keep production going even under a barrage of Russian missile attacks.

Fast Facts – The Sherp N 1200

  • The Sherp N 1200 was developed by Quadro International, an ISO 9001 certified company in Ukraine.

  • It took 20 years to get the design to its current level of refinement, and the Sherp is now a popular choice with search and rescue crews, hunters, rangers, oil exploration outfits, and for those looking for an unusual ATV just for fun.

  • The Sherp is a 4×4 that uses a tank-like skid steering system, it can drive over essentially any terrain thanks to its large paddle-like tires, and these tires also act as floats and propellers when the Sherp is crossing water ways.

  • Power is provided by a Doosan 1.8 liter three-cylinder diesel engine, it produces 55 bhp and 165 lb ft of torque. This gives it a top speed of 40 km/h on land and approximately 6 km/h on water – it’s geared for torque rather than speed.

  • The Sherp N 1200 is currently in production in Kyiv, Ukraine and the company had dealers around the world who can import and maintain the vehicle if required.

The Sherp And The United Nations

The United Nations and the World Food Program have both been experimenting with the use of 15 Sherp ATVs, most recently in war torn regions in Africa like South Sudan where the UN has been using the vehicles for aid delivery and peacekeeping missions.

The fact that the Sherps can operate over exceedingly rough terrain including cross-country where there are no roads and across rivers where there are no bridges while carrying up to 1.2 metric tons (2,646 lbs) of goods or equipment makes them uniquely well-suited to the role.

As of 2022 the UN was evaluating their Sherps in the field with a view to buying more and developing the needed infrastructure to deploy them to war torn regions and disaster zones rapidly when required.

The Sherp N 1200 Specifications

The Sherp N 1200 is a four-wheel drive vehicle built around a galvanized steel platform-type chassis with an aluminum alloy upper body for weight reduction. There is no traditional steering system, instead the vehicle uses skid steering operation like a tank.

Above Video: This episode on the popular Grind Hard Plumbing Co. YouTube channel shows the team taking a Sherp down the Charles river through Boston, Massachusetts.

There’s also no traditional suspension system, instead the Sherp uses large low-pressure tubeless tires combined with a built-in system for increasing and decreasing tire pressure on the go – this allows for harder tires on harder terrain and softer tires when needed on soft or muddy ground.

The tires have large paddle-like ridges which help with traction, and they also assist with movement through the water and they measure in at 71″ x 23″ x 25″.

Power is provided by a Doosan 1.8 liter three-cylinder turbodiesel engine that meets the EU’s stringent Stage 5 emission standards. It produces 55 bhp and 140 lb ft of torque, the engine is specifically designed for agricultural and construction related machinery making it a good fit for the Sherp.

Power is sent back through a 6-speed manual transmission and from there to all four wheels. The top speed is 40 km/h (25 mph) on land and 6 km/h (4 mph) on water, with a minimum speed on land of just 2 km/h (1.2 mph).

Fuel consumption is approximately 5 – 8 liter per hour depending on the terrain and it can carry 95 liters in the main tank with 4 x 58 liter auxiliary tanks for a total fuel capacity of 327 liters.

Above Video: This is the introduction video made by Quadro International for the Sherp N 1200 from early 2020.

The vehicle has a cargo capacity of 1.2 metric tons (2,646 lbs) and it can tow up to 2350 kgs (5,181 lbs), and a number of specialized trailers are available to buy separately that have the same wheels and tires, and the same ability to float on water.

A variety of internal seating plans can be accommodated, up to nine can be seated in the rear with two in the front, or the rear seats can be removed or reduced in number to make space for more cargo.

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