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16/02/22: Kanye’s 4×4 SHERP ATV “Tank” Can Go Anywhere Anytime, Even McDonalds

There are two big things during the Super Bowl that viewers care about. You’re either watching because you’re genuinely excited for the game or you are the person who is there to see what comes out of the marketing departments in the biggest companies on earth for their commercials. For our old friend Ronald over at McDonald’s, they chose Kanye West in his Ukrainian SHERP.

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In their few second spot in the big game’s commercial break, we couldn’t help but notice Kanye lifting the hatch on what looked like a small tank. After doing a little bit of research, it turns out that this machine is a SHERP ATV which is every kid’s Tonka imagination brought to life. Imagine, you have a machine that can go virtually anywhere. We can’t afford it, but, well, he’s Kanye.

I wanted to go a little further and see what this machine was exactly and here is what I’ve found. Quadro International is the developer and manufacturer of SHERP utility task vehicles and they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re mining, firefighting, searching and rescuing, or just have a ton of money and want something cool, SHERP has the goods.

It apparently took twenty years to develop these reliable amphibian utility vehicles that can move on any surface and overcome the most difficult obstacles. Although they aren’t actually tanks, the latest models could really be tanks having occupancy of 4, 6, or even 22 people.

What really brought Diesel Army and Offroad Xtreme here, though? The powerplant. SHERP is proud of their machine and even preaches that it is a low cost of operation. At only $7 per hour to operate, this goliath-sized Tonka truck is powered by a small diesel engine. Drinking between 1.3-2.1 gallons of diesel an hour, aside from the purchasing cost, really isn’t that bad in terms of fuel consumption.

With 83-gallons on board, the SHERP N 1200 can work up to 65 hours and run constantly for 19 hours. This five-speed manual unit is powered by a Kubota-V1505-t / E3B engine. Cranking out just over 44-horsepower, you aren’t going anywhere fast but you’re going.

Key Features

  • A unique, unparalleled off-road performance;

  • it is able to easily get out of the water onto the ice ;

  • High buoyancy thanks to the sealed body, wheels of 800 l volume each, and tire inflation system;

  • A pneumocirculating suspension and in-process easily adjustable pressure in tires for different soils;

  • Unique low-pressure tubeless tires;

  • Low fuel consumption (diesel) 1-2 gallons per hour on any type of soil;

  • Low weight;

  • Load capacity up to 1000 kg;

  • High sustainability – 15.32-gallons cans for fuel embedded in wheel disks, due to which the total fuel capacity is increased by 61.2-gallons

  • Simple and reliable design;

  • Small size for easy movement in any limited space and easy transportation;

  • Covered cabin;

  • A reliable Japanese Kubota engine;

  • Ease of maintenance and repair;

  • Kingstons to drain water from the body;

  • Frame-based design; The structure based on frame;

  • Smooth bottom;

  • High survivability – SHERP continues to move on three and even two wheels!

  • The passenger compartment can be heated by the engine, the vehicle heater, or WEBASTO autonomous heater;

  • A special container of fuel system for continuous movement in a tilted position. No “Fuel starvation” affects the vehicle!

  • Its climbing gradient is up to 35 degrees;

  • Skid steering – Sherp is able to turn almost on the same spot;

  • Extra beds – possibility to place 4 full-size beds;

  • Hold under floor boards, totaling 44.9-gallons to store necessary things, equipment, or installation of any additional fuel tank;

  • Excellent ergonomics and handling;

  • The rear view camera for better safety.

Check out the Super Bowl commercial with the SHERP right here. Unfortunately, you can’t see much of it, but luckily we’ve attached more photos here.

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