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14/11/22: SHERP in Greenland Expedition

This summer, three SHERP UTVs took part In Arctic Rift Copper Project in Greenland. ARC is significant, large-scale project with historical exploration results indicative of an extensive mineral system with potential to host world-class copper deposits.

More Information:

The most advanced prospect within ARC is the copper-silver bearing discovery zone, located at the northern end of Neergaard Dal. The discovery zone is comprised of at least three parallel Brescia faults trending northwest-southeast, with the furthest faults being around 2km apart. The faults are traced for a minimum of 2km along strike before they disappear underneath moraine.

The Discovery Zone is open in both directions. Initially, the expedition members traveled to their destination by ship, and then through different parts of the earth's surface. That is why, to overcome all sea and terrestrial obstacles, the investigators needed SHERP utility task vehicles. In expedition used 3 all-terrain vehicles with a unique custom design. The members of the expedition sailed on all-terrain vehicles, rode on snow, ice, left the water and ice on the shore.

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