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14/02/22: Kanye West Takes His Sherp ATV to the Drive-Thru for McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad

Today is a good day to be Kanye West, says Kanye West. One could argue that every day of the year is a good day to be Kanye West, if only on the consideration of his $1.8 billion estimated net worth, but let’s hear it from the man himself.

More Information:

On Super Bowl weekend, Kanye West started trending on social media for all the wrong reasons, stemming from his contentious divorce from reality star Kim Kardashian, and his apparent inability to keep their differences private. But Ye chose to put a positive spin on the drama, by boasting about a new ad he shot for McDonald’s for the Big Game.

You can see the ad in the first Instagram embedded at the bottom of the page. The second one is of Kanye’s appearance only, with the camera zooming in on one of his all-black Sherp ATVs as it’s making its way at the drive-thru. Ye emerges from the vehicle, which is often and erroneously described as a “tank,” and starts to “uuuhhh” for several seconds, as he’s apparently having issues deciding what to order.

The ad is mildly funny at best and super annoying at worst, which probably makes Kanye’s appearance in it even stranger. Of note though, is the fact that, despite initial rumors that he had liquidated his entire vehicle fleet from his ranch in Wyoming, he’s still holding on to at least one of the Sherps he brought all the way from Russia.

In late 2019, Kanye had at least half a dozen of these amphibious, all-terrain-capable vehicles shipped to Wyoming, and he brought all of them into Chicago in the spring of the following year, as a PR stunt for his latest Yeezy shoes. In the months that followed, he kept gifting them to fellow celebrities, including Chris Brown and 2 Chainz, though it’s likely those were different units than the one he’d purchased for himself.

Shortly after Kardashian filed from divorce in 2021, Kanye listed the Wyoming ranch where he’d kept these monster ATVs, and then sold most of the vehicles he’d used there, including the custom trucks and the Ripsaw EV2 tank. As it turns out, there is at least one Sherp he’s not willing to part with yet.

Not that anyone could blame him for it. The monster ATV has 23-inch (58.4-cm) ground clearance, can drive through shallow water, climb up inclines of up to 35 percent, and literally go through any terrain, no matter how bumpy or muddy or treacherous. It’s not fast, at 24.5 mph (39.5 kph) on land and 3.7 mph (6 kph) on water, but it’s very reliable and virtually unstoppable, which makes it the ultimate explorer vehicle.

As far as Ye and McDonald’s are concerned, it’s also the perfect drive-thru vehicle.

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