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11/04/17: SAS 2017: MARTAC Showcased its low-profile & extremely high speed MANTAS Mini-USV

During the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space 2017 exposition held last week near Washington D.C., Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTAC) from Melbourne, FL. and their partner Booz Allen Hamilton were showcasing their MANTAS MAN-portable Tactical Autonomous Systems. MANTAS is a range of unmanned surface vehicules (USV) scalable from 2.5' to 50' in length capable of extremely high speeds and long endurance missions.

On display at the show was the MANTAS T6, the mid-size solution in MARTAC's range of USVs. It has a length of 6', a width of 19" and a cross section of 8". According to MARTAC, the entire MANTAS system is designed to reduce manpower, to be an affordable, small footprint, easy to set-up, launch and recover solution that is adaptable to a wide variety of end user missions and host platforms. With the MANTAS system, multiple USVs can be deployed in the water quickly.

Mantas operates on a dedicated, private stand-alone 4GLTE meshed communications network, and mutiple vessels can be operated autonomously, semi-autonomously, or in full control modes from a single mobile command center resident on a laptop, tablet or even on a smartphone.

During Sea Air Space 2017, the company conducted a live demonstration: Controlling a MANTAS USV located thousands of miles away in Florida from their stand at the exposition near Washington DC.

The low-profile MANTAS USV has available size, weight and power to operate a wide variety of advanced payloads and sensors such as a 360° EO/IR/HDVR full-motion video sensor.

The MANTAS USV was designed for a wide rannge of missions including mine warfare, ASW, maritime domain awareness, infrastructure inspection, resupply ashore, towing (including targets), maritime interdiction, anti-piracy, mobile communication network, anti-swarm & fast boat swarm...

The MANTAS T8 (measuring 8' or 2.5 meters in length) has a burst speed of over 60 knots, a range of over 60 nautical miles (over 100 Km), and an endurance of over two days (endurance can be significantly increased through the use of solar charge). It takes just 5 seconds to reach its maximum speed. Last but not least, the MANTAS T8 can receive a payload of up to 60 lbs (27 kg).

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