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08/06/23: SHERP / UNITED24: Rescuing Our People, Wherever They Are

The WOG and UNITED24 Project to Provide Armed Forces of Ukraine with All-Terrain Vehicles.

More Information:

The WOG gas station chain, together with the UNITED24 fundraising platform, have launched the 'Rescuing Our People, Wherever They Are' project . The goal is to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Bohun-2 all-terrain rescue vehicles, which cost around $150,000 each. These vehicles can evacuate people in need from even the hardest to reach places.

Anyone can join this initiative. All you need to do is refuel your car with Mustang fuel at a WOG gas station. The company will transfer 1 UAH from each liter towards the purchase of all-terrain rescue vehicles. You can also donate to the WOG Jar in monobank, linked to the 'Rescuing Our People, Wherever They Are' project. Funds will go to all-terrain vehicles via UNITED24.

"This initiative was supposed to start in mid-June, but the news from the Kherson region prompted us to speed up the launch. We understand that helping to save the lives of our people is needed right here, right now. You fill up your car with Mustang fuel, we donate to all-terrain rescue vehicles. If you are not a driver, but you do like coffee, come visit us to taste the best cup of coffee and make a direct donation. All funds will be transferred towards the purchase of all-terrain vehicles," said Hennadiy Karlinsky, Marketing Director of the WOG gas station network.

All-terrain vehicles don't need roads to drive. They have increased mobility and can move through water and difficult terrain: during floods, spring and autumn road washouts, etc. This is a universal transport for evacuation and rescue, which is also equipped with rescue stretchers that can be attached to a helicopter.

"All-terrain vehicles were already working in the Kherson region yesterday, rescuing people after the terrorist act by russians at the Kakhovka HPP. Thanks to the joint project with WOG, we hope to raise funds for at least 4 all-terrain vehicles, which will be able to carry out evacuation off-road, during floods, or under any front-line circumstances," said UNITED24 Coordinator Yaroslava Gres.

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