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06/09/22: The Only Sherp the Ark in the U.S. Could Be Your Next Post-Apocalyptic Limo

No other off-road vehicle is more capable, more reliable and more impressive than the Ukrainian-made Sherp, an amphibious, monstrous ATV that’s been popularized by rapper and fashion mogul Kanye West. Actually, strike that: Sherp the Ark is all these things, and then some.

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Sherp the Ark is the bigger, badder and more capable brother of the Sherp, which was introduced in 2015. People in the U.S. and not only know it best after rapper Kanye West bought 15 of them and had them shipped to his ranch in Wisconsin. He featured them in his music videos and ads, and then began handing them out like candy, as presents to his equally-rich friends.

Even without Kanye’s help, the Sherp would have still made an impact on the international market, albeit it would have taken it longer to do so. It’s a gigantic, incredibly capable and virtually indestructible machine that can operate on land and water with equal ease, and which just happens to look like something out of Mad Max. In a country like Ukraine, the Sherp is not such an unusual sight, but in territories like the U.S., it’s more of a rich boy’s toy.

Sherp the Ark 3400 is all these things, but with the added benefits of a higher payload, three other set of wheels on what looks like a trailer but is technically a six-wheel-drive, multi-configurable cargo module, and a much more badass silhouette. It’s still a rich boy’s toy, but it could be your rich boy’s toy, because one unit – the only one ever shipped to the United States – is now being offered for sale (hat tip to The Drive).

Painted in Arctic White, the unit is located in Wisconsin, though not at Kanye’s ranch. It’s hardly been used, and you can tell: the listing on Facebook mentions that it’s only been driven 88 hours, and both the exterior and the interior still look brand new. Speaking of the interior, it comes in black with orange accents, and a seating capacity for a total of 22 people, including four people in the cab of the Sherp.

The appeal of a vehicle like Sherp the Ark is that the trailer can be configured at will, including as a medical unit or any other type of emergency response vehicle. The configuration with seats is the basic one, and includes only two rows of seats facing each other.

Needless to say, no one buys a Sherp the Ark for its creature comforts or luxury fittings. This machine is famous for its ability to cross whatever terrain you could think of, including climbing up or down 40-degree inclines, or 30-degree cross slopes, operating through mud, or floating on water. In that last case, the deep tracks on the agricultural tires help Sherp the Ark move over the surface of water.

Sherp the Ark has a total payload of 7,495 pounds (3,400 kg), and is powered by a Doosan D24 Turbo 4-cylinder engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission and able to take it to a top speed of 18.6 mph (30 kph) on land and 3.7 mph (6 kph) on water. The tires can deflate and inflate at the touch of a button, acting as suspension, for optimal handling depending on terrain. Clearance is of 5 feet (1.5 meters) thanks to those tires, and a three-axle steering system allows you to use the trailer as an anchor to lift the Sherp when tackling a particularly challenging obstacle, as shown in the video below.

Designed to be incredibly low maintenance, Sherp the Ark comes with the US EPA Certificate for emissions. So it’s budget-friendly too. That is, if you’re willing to overlook how much you’d be paying for the vehicle itself. Range is of over 1,200 miles (1,931 km), and this unit comes with fuel tanks integrated into the wheels. Name any other offroader that does that!

The listing notes that this is the only Sherp the Ark in the United States. Considering that the Florida Sherp dealership says that production on the Ark is temporarily on hold (no doubt due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict), the $400,000 OBO asking price seems reasonable – Sherp the Ark starts at $375,000 or, better said, it did before production came to a temporary stop.

If you’re on the market for a post-apocalyptic limo that would run over zombies like ants, and deliver uncompromising quality and reliability, maybe today is your lucky day. You’re welcome.

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