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06/09/22: Sherp ATV - A Great Off-Road Toy!

The Sherp ATV is a lightweight off-road vehicle that brings incredible capabilities to the off-road world.

More information:

If you haven't yet learned about the Sherp ATV, you should look into it. This vehicle is known as Man's Big toy and is made in Ukraine with great off-road ability.

Incredibly short wheelbase, huge tires, and a good sealing mechanism that allows it to float. It has a taxiing steering system that is highly maneuverable. With only about 44 horsepower and a simple interior, it looks like a Tonka toy but is not simple.

The Sherp ATV has huge, self-inflating tires (1600x600x25) that allow it to clear obstacles of more than 70cm, or possibly do a backflip attempt. The turns are like a tank, but it looks great everywhere.

Under the body, the Kubota 1.5-litre turbodiesel engine delivers 44 horsepower. It's not particularly fast—it reaches only 45 km/h on land, with a five-speed manual transmission. It also has a speed of 6km/h in water because it can swim, too. It weighs only 1,300kg and the body is essentially a steel bathtub with some drivetrain attached to it. Safe to say, it should be fairly easy to maintain.

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