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05/08/21: Video: MARTAC’s Devil Ray #USV At Sea Air Space 2021

At #SeaAirSpace 2021, the naval defense exposition held near Washington DC, MARTAC is showcasing and demonstrating its new Devil Ray catamaran #UnmannedSurfaceVehicle (USV).


According to MARTAC, the T38 Devil Ray is designed for speed, stability, and maneuverability. The T38 has a burst speed of 80 knots, cruise speed of 25 knots, it is operable in sea states 1-5, survivable in sea state 7, and its agile twin-hull form allows turns at burst speed generating more than 6 Gs.

In July 2021, MARTAC successfully tested a fully autonomous transit of the Devil Ray from Florida to the Bahamas and back. The USV took 53 minutes on the way out, 51 minutes on the way in, at an average speed of 60–65 knots.

The Devil Ray is truly multi-mission. It can conduct ISR, MCM, offensive mine warfare, ASW, EW, logistics support… The Devil Ray can also serve as a mother ship for the smaller MANTAS range of USV.

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