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05/04/24: First Images Of American Black Sea-Style Maritime Attack Drone

MARTAC is proud to announce the availability now of a new and revolutionary maritime attack drone. The MUSKIE M18 is an attritable, low-cost, Autonomous USV with outstanding speed and payload capacity that provides an asymmetric advantage in modern naval engagements.

Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc. (MARTAC), an innovator in Maritime Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASVs), is proud to unveil the latest product in our portfolio, the MUSKIE M18 (M18) ASV.  The M18 is an 18 foot (5.5m) low-cost, attritable system for use on one-way missions.  The M18 configuration is designed as a high-performance, monohull ASV capable of burst speeds of 50+ kts, open ocean cruising ranges up to 500 nautical miles, and a payload capacity up to 1000 pounds (450 kg).

Recently procured by the United States Department of Defense (DoD), the M18 was designed and developed from concept to empower operators to execute missions accommodating a variety of payloads, kinetics and kill systems in a low-cost platform that allows for broad acquisition and adoption of an asymmetric capability against conventional naval assets. M18s have MARTAC’s base autonomy stack where they can be operated by a remote operator or fully autonomously with operator intervention at any time during the mission. 

In addition, the M18’s possible integration of MARTAC’s advanced autonomy and MantaFleet capabilities provides end-users with the added capability to swarm large numbers of systems against targets to conduct missions with significantly reduced human intervention or oversight and leading to better outcomes.

Recent developments in the Black Sea have demonstrated the transformative nature of modern naval engagement with the introduction of swarming unmanned surface vehicles (USVs).  

The use of high-performance small USVs’ demonstrates the capability to create an asymmetric advantage against conventional naval defenses. Swarms of these systems in coordinated attacks can make them elusive targets and provide an unpredictable deterrence to naval engagement.   MARTAC’s M18 can act as USVs or ASVs depending on mission requirements.

Bruce Hanson, MARTAC’s CEO said “We are excited about the launch of our MUSKIE M18s with their ability to change how ASVs are utilized during naval engagements. This MUSKIE M18 was designed from the ground up to be a low-cost, attritable system to change the outcomes of modern naval engagements. It is capable of autonomous operation at high speeds, and with our advanced autonomy and fleet technology, it will address the needs of our military customers’ missions to deploy deterrence solutions against conventional capital assets. Not only is the M18 an exciting new product, but we designed and developed it in just three months and it’s available now for consideration and acquisition.  MARTAC can produce these systems at scale now.”

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