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04/11/23: T38 Devil Ray Maritime Drone With Switchblade 300 Drones Passes Tests

The U.S. Navy has tested the T38 Devil Ray unmanned boat, which carries Switchblade 300 barrage munitions. This was reported by the CENTCOM press service.

The Digital Talon exercise took place last week in the Persian Gulf. Soldiers of the Task Force 59 unit took part in the training. They tested the T38 Devil Ray unmanned boat prototype.

It is designed for reconnaissance and strikes. To test the striking capabilities of the marine drone, a six-round gun with Switchblade 300 barrage ammunition was mounted on it. The US military calls it LMMAMS. After moving to the area specified by the operator, the surface drone hit the target simulators.

The length of the T38 Devil Ray is 12 meters. The drone is equipped with a Starlink satellite terminal, infrared surveillance cameras, and a small navigation radar. It was designed by MARTAC specialists. Outboard diesel powerplants allow the unmanned boat to reach speeds of up to 90 km/h. The declared range is 2,000 km.

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