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04/01/22: The latest technology presents an amazing stand-alone prefab home

Home construction has evolved over the years, and new materials, combined with ambitious architecture, allow today to create more sustainable and safer buildings with unprecedented comfort. What we show you now is a compendium of all this in a DIY prefab house that can be taken anywhere the owner wants.

The Space is a state-of-the-art smart home that offers a new concept of modern living.

Space: All you need is a smart phone for home to work

The basis of this construction is the concept of freedom. The house, made of light, modern and safe materials, is equipped with the latest technological developments. The space combines new standards of comfort and intelligence.

When we talk about intelligence, we are referring to the use of technologies for new patterns of communication, consumption, and machine learning. In fact, if we look at the final product, we realize that the idea brings us closer to the future we imagine when we dream of flying cars.

a iOhouse, based in Stockholm, developed the house under the name Space. A smart, sustainable and autonomous home that does not need anything from the "grid". In fact, you just need a smartphone to run everything.

iOhouse designers have equipped The Space building with all the modern services people need to live in comfort and freedom, such as water, electricity, heating and Wi-Fi.

From the outside, The Space has an elegant and futuristic facade that takes on an industrial look while staying close to nature with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Inside, the open-plan design is inviting, with muted gray tones and stain-free natural wood floors. Everything combines with the structures that are large and open to receive plenty of natural light.

Building "electric, independent and mobile"

Speaking of light, it is important to note that the space generates electricity from the rooftop photovoltaic solar panels and a generator running on a 220V electrical system, and an air heat pump and built-in climate controllers maintain the room's interior temperature. Home during the hot and cold seasons.

The residential structure also includes a water collection system and also includes an integrated sewage system. All this in effect frees the house from being "tied" to network services, be it health or communications.

This allows us to stimulate the freedom that modern technology can provide. That's why iOhouse has incorporated many smart technologies into building The Private Space.

This way, whenever owners want to 'move the house', they know they are leaving nothing behind, and that there is nothing significant managed by third parties preventing them from moving their home elsewhere.

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