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03/11/23: Navy Task Force 59 conducted the test in international waters

Navy Launches Missile From Robot Boat In The Middle East: Pentagon Releases Video Of Test From Unmanned Vessel That Can Strike With Deadly Precision.

Vice Admiral Brad Cooper said unmanned ships increased “fleet lethality.”

The US Navy said it had fired “lethal munitions” from an unmanned ship in international waters in the Middle East for the first time, in an exercise it said took its capabilities to the “next level”.

A target boat was destroyed during the exercise, which was captured on video.

It was conducted last month by US Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) Task Force 59, the Navy’s first unmanned and artificial intelligence task force.

Exercise Digital Talon was conducted in international waters around the Arabian Peninsula.

“We are focused on the operational application of new, advanced unmanned systems and artificial intelligence technologies,” said Rear Adm. Brad Cooper, Navcent commander. The US Navy said on Thursday it had fired “lethal ordnance” from an unmanned vessel for the first time in international waters in the Middle East, destroying a target boat.

“During Digital Talon, we took a significant step forward and took our capabilities to the next level, going beyond maritime domain awareness, which has traditionally been a focus of Task Force 59.

“We have proven that these unmanned platforms can increase the lethality of the fleet. By doing so, we strengthen regional maritime security and increase deterrence against malign activities.”

The video shows an unmanned 38-foot double-hulled speedboat, equipped with two outboard motors, plowing through the waves.

Two naval operators monitor the operation from a remote location.

Once the target is found, the ‘lethal miniature air-to-air missile system’ is activated, firing a projectile. The video shows him closing in on the target and destroying it.

In a statement, the Navy said it had scored direct hits in multiple tests.

And it said it was the second time in recent weeks that it had demonstrated advanced unmanned capabilities in the region.

It is destroyed in what the US Navy says was a successful test.

It said unmanned underwater vehicles and aircraft were able to track ships and small boats of the Iranian Navy and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for several days in September during routine patrols in and around the Strait of Hormuz.

Task Force 59 tested 15 different types of drones, according to Capt. Colin Corridan, the commander.

“We have a kind of startup mentality here,” he said Defense One in a recent interview. ‘We really try to create an environment in which innovation is central and ideas come from all levels of the organization, otherwise I think we are seriously missing out.’

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