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03/10/22: In the US, marine drones are being tested to protect ports

Ports and harbours of the world play a vital role in world trade. But any man-made disasters, fire or explosion, major oil spill can permanently disable one of the ports. Suffice it to recall the consequences of the bombings at the port of Beirut in Lebanon in August 2020.

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Naturally, the port authorities have to tackle the issues of port security. Now security ports include video monitoring, patrolling the water by the coast guard.

But these measures for several decades, but the modern level of technology allows you to change the usual scheme of port security.

A few years ago at the Pentagon discussed the possibility of using unmanned surface vehicles to ensure the security of ports and harbors. Including MANTAS USV, a very interesting device that can be fitted with surface sensors, underwater sensors, including sonar and sonar sensors biological and radioactive contamination, determining the water quality and so on. The device is manufactured by the company Maritime Tactical Systems Inc. (MARTAC), which is actively working in the field of creation of surface drones.

The port of Los Angeles (POLA) has already conducted a test using a drone to study its features in terms of the implementation of the tasks of patrolling the waters of the water. As it was established, the security of the port will be increased due to the greater length of patrolling unmanned vehicle, and also due to more extensive monitoring of the situation.

Naval News writes that several years ago the massive use of unmanned surface vehicles for the protection of the coast and port security would be impossible. Now this task is quite feasible on a technical and organizational level. The publication stresses that drones will be able to reduce costs to ensure the security of the port, although to abandon boats manned security, no one is going.

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