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02/08/23: All-terrain vehicles from the Ukrainian manufacturer

Let's discuss the weapons needed on the battlefield. Besides collecting pickups and other cars, there are essential all-terrain vehicles that the Ukrainian military uses, but they haven't been widely purchased yet. The company makes these unique and versatile Bohun all-terrain vehicles, offering the AFU a new universal platform.

More Information:

Ihor Kornilov, the head of Bohun projects, mentioned that his company is a global leader in all-terrain vehicle production. Ukrainian all-terrain vehicles have unmatched capabilities and features worldwide. They have adapted three models for the Armed Forces, with two of them being piloted. The company also produces unmanned platforms that can be equipped according to specific tasks. These vehicles are valuable in places where certain vehicles, including aviation, can't operate. People often call them amphibious all-terrain vehicles because they can move on any terrain, including swamps, fallen trees, and even through water at varying depths.

Since the war's start, Bohun has provided five all-terrain vehicles free of charge for the Armed Forces' needs. The military has given positive feedback about this equipment. For instance, when our defenders were surrounded in Sievierodonetsk, they urgently required ammunition, provisions, and wounded evacuation. The all-terrain vehicles were irreplaceable in those harsh conditions. They moved through rough terrain and crossed the Siverskyi Donets River, ensuring the successful completion of these tasks. These vehicles were also used during the Dnipro River crossing and to support our military groups on the right bank, as using boats became too dangerous. The all-terrain vehicles played a crucial role in actions in the Kherson direction.

Kornilov mentioned that the all-terrain vehicle manufacturer hasn't received an official order from the Armed Forces yet. The main obstacle might be the complex and time-consuming procedures required to start using this technology. However, the Ukrainian company's all-terrain vehicles have been used by the State Emergency Service for many years. These vehicles have proven their importance during rescue operations, like after the terrorist attack on the Kakhovska HPP. The company delivered 10 all-terrain vehicles to help with the aftermath of that attack.

He also added that the company's new focus is on a robotic platform with a wheel base and an electric drive powered by two lithium batteries. There are two types of this platform that can be adapted for various uses, like performing logistical tasks, setting up a mobile firing point, or transporting the wounded. They are also working on upgrading the communication modules to protect this platform from enemy electronic warfare.

Kornilov concluded that their current production capacity allows them to make up to 30 units of equipment per month. Moreover, the company can scale up and increase production quickly to meet the demand for all-terrain vehicles and platforms in the future.

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