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01/03/21: Ukraine presents an all-terrain vehicle in Turkey that has no analogs in the world

A presentation of the unique domestic SHERP all-terrain vehicle took place in Ankara.

More Information:

The SHERP N1200 model presented in Ankara has a loading capacity of 1200 kg, the maximum speed on land of 40 km/h, at-will – 6 km/h; the maximum angle of rising is 35 degrees; ground clearance is 1 meter; fuel autonomy is 65 hours; fuel consumption is 5 l/h.

"We're confident that our ATVs will be in demand among rescue services, airport service companies, companies that service power lines, and pipelines. In the future, we consider Turkey as a hub to enter the market of the Middle East and neighboring countries," Oleksii Opanasenko, a representative of SHERP, responsible for sales in the Asian region, stated.

The SHERP ATV was developed and manufactured in Ukraine; the process took 20 years. Today, SHERP sells ATVs in different parts of the world, as there are no analogs in terms of tactical and technical characteristics in the world.

We should note that among the fans of the ATVs, one can find not only rescuers but also the American rapper Kanye West. His collection includes 12 SHERPs, which you can see in the clips "Follow God" and "Closed on Sunday."

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