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ΑΑ 17/03/21: Turkey to provide research grants of up to $95,000

Researchers coming to Turkey to receive up to $95,000 in funding support, says industry and technology minister.


Turkey on Wednesday announced that it would provide additional project funding support this year of up to 720,000 Turkish liras ($95,000) to researchers coming to the country from abroad to conduct studies.

"Additionally, Turkey allocates one million Turkish liras [$133,000] for researchers as an initial research grant in the International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers program and 500,000 Turkish liras [$66,000] for the International Young Researchers program," said Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank.

For the researchers who currently reside in the country, Turkey also offers an R&D incentive package of up to 1 million Turkish liras ($133,000) under the program, as well as up to 750,000 Turkish liras ($100,000) for early stage researchers, Varank added.

Addressing an event at the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) in Ankara, Varank stressed that 127 scientists from 21 countries were accepted to the program in 2019 and 42 scientists last year.

As part of the International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers program announced in November 2018, Turkey seeks to attract top researchers to the country in coordination with TUBITAK.

Varank also announced the launch of the International Fellowship for Early Stage Researchers program to attract young researchers to the country.

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