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ANGLOCO Ltd designs, manufactures and supplies fire-fighting and rescue vehicles and equipment in UK. It has customers in over 50 countries world-wide, supported by comprehensive after-sales service and spare parts back-up.

Angloco has been designing and building special purpose fire fighting and rescue vehicles for over 45 years, and has a wealth of experience and capabilities.

The majority of vehicles are specially designed and custom built for each customer, according to their individual requirements. Angloco proposes an optimum solution for each application, in light of the needs in each case.

Ειδικά Αποσυναρμολογούμενα Οχήματα Πολιτικής Προστασίας / Civil Protection Demountable Vehicles


Οχήματα Πυρόσβεσης & Διάσωσης / Pumping Appliance

Pumping Appliance

Υδροφόρα Οχήματα / Tankers

Κλιμακοφόρα & Βραχιονοφόρα Οχήματα / Aerial

Πυροσβεστικά Οχήματα Βιομηχανικών Ατυχημάτων & Μεγάλων Δασικών Πυρκαγιών / Industrial & Mega Fires

Οχήματα Πρώτης Απόκρισης / First Response Vehicles

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